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For many years now, macs have lagged behind in the gaming world, but with the introduction of intel processors in macs, many WINE based technologies have appeared and used commercially by big game developers like Electronic Arts to let mac users join in on the fun. The first of these technologies was CIder, based on Cedega for linux, which took the form of a wine c_drive in a .app package. People soon figured out how Cider worked and were able to easily port their own games over to mac, with titles such as Half-Life 2, Portal, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Far Cry, and Outrun Coast 2 Coast, being brought over. However, only so many games would work in Cider and it was hard work to find and test them. So when Codeweavers released Crossover Chromium, a .app package of google's new browser, based on Crossover for mac, people eventually found out how to port games with it. And as Crossover is based directly on WINE, porters could use the wine AppDB to help them port games. Chromium was eventually retrofitted with all the components of CX games 7.2.2, making compatibility even better. However, as any experienced porter would know, Crossover is very different from WINE, and compatibility varies wildly between the two. The main purpose of this wiki is to serve as a Compatibility database for Crossover, Cider, and other various wrappers and apps from members of the game porting team. Enjoy!


  • Unfortunatley, due to problems with his hosting provider (the site was taking up 1/3 of the server's bandwidth), The Game Porting Team's main website has been shut down. Here's the latest update from loco, the admin:

Right latest update: We have convinced our provider to give us a short period of time for backups as we cannot afford this month with our hosting company. So, today I have made backups of the latest that there is. So most importantly nothing has been lost! To prevent loss of any more posts after the backup i have disabled the forum. I am not sure why the server is still up as it was meant to be taken offline again at 11 GMT. But nevertheless, the most important thing has been taken care off. I am in the middle of exams so I sadly can not devote myself to organising a new host and restoring the backups and doing all the changes needed once on a new host and I can not predict how long this will take.

Given the current financial status we have decided to cancel our contract for this month with our host since our credit card payment failed in the first place. Since the host we are(or were) with currently are very reliable and responsive I would prefer not to change providers. It is (hopefully) likely that our financial status will return to a more stable level over the next month and the site will be restored asap. If we find any temporary inexpensive solution until we return to our host we will keep you updated. Until then, keep porting and keep believing in the game porting team.

All further updates will be announced in this thread until further notice.

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